Member Update due to COVID-19

Starting November 4, 2020, our lobby will be closed until further notice to protect our staff and our members.

Our two drive-thru lanes will continue to be open and operate as normal.

Ways we can help you:

  • Almost all transactions can be done in our two drive thru lanes
  • Give us a call at 812-634-9278 with any questions you may have
  • Use our online banking/mobile banking
  • Use our website to:
    • Enroll in online banking, check balances, transfer money
    • Apply for loans
    • Become a member
  • Use our thousands of fee free ATM’s

If you feel as if any of the above to do not meet your needs, please call us at 812-634-9278 to schedule an appointment.

Check our website, Facebook page, or your email for any important updates.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. We are taking all measures possible to protect our staff, our members, and our community.