Fee Schedule

Effective August 1, 2021.  Subject to change. 

Share Account Fees
Inactive Regular Share Account - after 12 months$5.00 / month
Inactive Club Account - after 12 monthsClose - Move to Regular
Regular Shares Early Closure Fee - 12 months$10.00
Christmas club early withdrawal (Jan 1 - Sept 30)$3.00 each
Money Market withdrawals over 3 per month$10.00 / transaction
Draft/Checking Account Fees
Online Bill PayNo Charge
A2A - Account to Account TransferNo Charge
Overdraft Transfer from Regular Share$3.00 / item
Courtesy Pay$25.00 / item
Returned Check/ACH$25.00 / item
Non-Sufficient Funds (Overdrawn Account)$25.00 / item
Stop Payment - Single or Multiple$10.00
Inactive Draft Account - after 12 months closes and transfers to Regular SharesNo Charge
Draft Account early closure fee - 12 months$10.00
Draft Copy/Research$2.00 / item
Temporary Checks - New AccountsFree
Temporary Checks - Existing Accounts$5.00 / 10 Checks
IRA Account Fees
IRA Annual Fee (if below $500)$15.00
Excess IRA withdrawals - over 2 per year
Minimum withdrawal $500 (RMDs, Dividends, & Annuities excluded)
$15.00 / withdrawal
Close IRA within 1 year of opening$20.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Charge on Returned Deposited Items$15.00
Bad Address/Returned Mail (2nd time)$5.00
Returned Statement Notice - Bad Email Address (2nd time)$5.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement$7.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement - RUSH$50.00
VISA Credit Card Replacement$10.00
VISA Credit Card Replacement - RUSH (2 Day)$50.00
VISA Credit Card Emergency Fee (Next Day)$50.00
VISA Credit Card Statement Copy$3.00
VISA Credit Card Return Payment$25.00
VISA Credit Card Pay-by-Phone$3.00
VISA Credit Card Late Payment Fee$25.00
Certified Check - First 3 checks per month are free$3.00 / check
Returned Certified Check for Redeposit$5.00
Stop Pay on Certified Check After 90 days$40.00
Statement copy/Printout (Free on Online Banking)$3.00/statement
Coin Processing (Member only)No Charge
Notary fee - MemberNo Charge
Notary fee - Non-member$5.00
Prepaid Travel Card Purchase/Replacement$6.00
Prepaid Travel Card Reload$4.00
Prepaid Gift Card$6.00
Skip - A - Pay (one time per calendar year)$25.00
One time ACH origination$5.00
Same Day ACH origination$20.00
Wire transfer-incoming$10.00
Wire transfer-outgoing$20.00