Pocket 2 Pocket (P2P)

Pocket2Pocket is a FREE service that allows our members to send funds from a Dubois-Pike FCU debit card to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  It’s as simple as knowing the recipient’s cell phone number or email address.

Pocket 2 Pocket (P2P) enables money transfers in a real time, secure fashion using a Dubois-Pike debit card!

To get started: Go to our Pocket 2 Pocket page

Notes to help you:

  • The sender must have a Dubois-Pike FCU debit card
  • The recipient can receive funds real time via their debit card or within 2-3 days via ACH
  • If you plan to frequently use this service, you can enroll and save your information
  • If the receiver does not accept the money within 10 days, the transaction will automatically be refunded to the sender
  • There is a transaction limit of $1,000 per day per 24 hours
  • This is a FREE service to our members!

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