Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection

Courtesy Pay

More than ever, protecting your finances is important. Prepare your checking account for the unexpected with Courtesy Pay and Extended Courtesy Pay. With $500.00 of overdraft protection, you can lower your stress and keep your checking account up to date. It works like a safety net for your checking account.

Benefits of Courtesy Pay:

  • Avoid the embarrassment of denied payments or returned checks
  • Avoid returned check fees

Dubois Pike Federal Credit Union understands that you may at times find yourself facing an occasional cash shortfall or occasional short-term emergency resulting in an overdraft on your account.

What is an overdraft? An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money available in your checking account to cover a transaction. DPFCU offers the following options to cover your overdraft:

Overdraft Protection: (Complimentary)

Pulls from your linked account (such as savings or joint account) to cover the insufficient funds in your draft account.

Courtesy Pay: (Complimentary)

A non-contractual overdraft protection service for eligible members.  With Courtesy Pay, we may pay or approve overdrawn ACH and Check transactions up to an overdraft limit of $500.

Extended Courtesy Pay: (Opt-in is required)

With Extended Courtesy Pay, we may pay or approve ATM and Debit Card Transactions up to an overdraft limit of $500.

To set up Courtesy Pay on your account, please click the Courtesy Pay form below.

For more information on Courtesy Pay, see our Member Fact Sheet.

If you have any questions or need help with Courtesy Pay, please call us at 812-634-9278.